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Guo-Cheng Yuan
Guo-Cheng Yuan
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biostatistics & Computational Biology
Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI)

Dr. Guo-Cheng Yuan is an Associate Professor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Associate Professor at Harvard Chan School of Public Health, and Principal Faculty member at Harvard Stem Cell Institute. He obtained a PhD degree in Mathematics from University of Maryland, followed by postdoctoral training at Brown University. After a short period of working at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, Dr. Yuan transitioned into computational biology by taking up a postdoc position at Harvard University before joining Dana-Farber as a faculty member. Dr. Yuan’s current research focuses on developing computational methods for analyzing and interpreting epigenomic and transcriptomic data, such as those used for chromatin state annotation and cell type identification. For over a decade, Dr. Yuan’s group has collaborated extensively with developmental and cancer biologists. Their bioinformatics analyses have contributed significantly to numerous scientific discoveries.

Research Interest

Developing computational methods for analyzing and interpreting epigenomic and transcriptomic data

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